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Day Trading is Called Day Trading for a Reason

The biggest mistake most people make when stepping into the day trading arena is thinking that it is like stock market trading. But, it isn’t. People who open a position in the day should close it by the end of the business day.

An example…

Let’s be more specific. Suppose, for example, a person bought 1000 Microsoft shares at 10:07 AM one morning, over $60, and that day Microsoft decided to sink 10 points for whatever reason. The fall that day will be done progressively.

Microsoft will increase from 60 to 50 by offering traders a chance to take the loss as long as it is still “small and acceptable” at 59.9, 59.8, 59.7, 59, 58, 57, 56 etc. People will then have the very real possibility of defining and deciding their loss (of course, it can also be done in advance, depending on the max loss amount a person wishes to accept). Each position, within a single trading session, evolves progressively.

Always close before the business day ends

On the other hand, if a person decides to keep a position just after the markets close, they expose their capital to the tremendous risk of seeing very bad news, (national or international) published between the official closure on day “X” and the reopening on day “Y”. Such bad news can change the trader’s position and create an opening that is much lower than the previous closing. In this case, the progressive concept will no longer be present.

Microsoft can very well close a Monday evening at 60 to reopen Tuesday morning at 50 and there is nothing a person can do to “limit” their loss on this position. The trader will end up with a net loss of 10 points in this position (16%) without ever having a chance to take a loss when it was weaker. This is the difference between have real control of a loss and experiencing a total loss.

It should also be noted that with day trading, people often take positions that represent all of their trading capital and it is, therefore, all the more essential to control a number of losses and their impact on a person’s total capital. To learn more, view Rockwell Trading Services on the BBB website.

How to Recognize When a Pet’s Immune System Could Use Some Support

Pets enrich the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans, with many households now regarding their own dogs and cats as full fledged members. A pet who is feeling his best can brighten up an entire home while encouraging all within it to live their own lives to the fullest. For this reason and others, many pet owners today strive to give their pets everything they could need to always feel at their best. As those who discover more about Nuvet will learn, the right supplements and other pet products can make a real difference.

One way by which some pets fail to live up to their potential is through suffering from an immune system that does not function as effectively as it might. Just as for human beings, a pet’s immune system is one of its most important biological assets of all, being the most significant line of defense against a huge range of pathogens and infections.

A canine or feline immune system that is functioning well can shrug off ailments that might otherwise lay a pet low for some time or even cause life threatening harm. An immune system that is out of order in any significant way, on the other hand, can allow even relatively routine infections and the like to take an outsized, unnecessary toll.

Worse still, when a pet’s immune system gets too far out of proper alignment, it can even cause harm of its own. The specialized cells that make up the immune system are equipped to destroy others in various ways, and this kind of aggression can sometimes be turned against the pet’s own body. When that happens, various kinds of avoidable but irritating inflammation, itching, or worse can occur, with some pets suffering from such problems for years.

Supplements that are designed to shore up the functioning of the immune system, on the other hand, can help pets avoid problems like these and others. Whether as a preventative measure or to give a boost to a pet who can use it, many pet owners therefore now find products like these worth researching and making regular use of. For those who do, enjoying the company of an even happier pet often becomes the result.