Three of the Top Items a Consultant Will Evaluate During a Company Evaluation

The majority of entrepreneurs go into business because they have a passion for something, not because they have what it takes to run a business. The passion they have may be what is needed to get a company off the ground, but a lack of industry knowledge can quickly stifle growth. Many business owners turn to a professional consultant when they feel stuck in a rut, as they can provide a much needed third party perspective that can identify challenges and opportunities for improvement. Though they will look at the entire business, most of their efforts will focus on these core areas.

Staffing Patterns

A company’s most expensive line item is the cost of their staff. While it is necessary to have the workforce needed to run a business, many companies do not tackle this area of growth with forethought. A consultant will create benchmarks that can be used as indicators to add additional staff and help set quota requirements for existing employees. This will assist in ensuring that employees are paying for the cost of their labor, and help increase production without adding additional overhead.

Product Costs

In addition to examining the cost of the raw materials needed to produce an item, a consultant will also make sure that final product prices reflect the current market, and help design a timeline for increasing prices. This will prevent an item from being under or over valued, and allow a company to remain competitive with others in the same industry. Slight pricing adjustments can increase sales and a company’s bottom line.

Advertising Methods

Utilizing the proper advertising channels is crucial to the success of an organization. It is imperative that ads reach the intended audience, and that money spent on advertising is invested wisely. Online advertising is an attractive option, and a consultant can help with proper placement and find low-cost alternatives that convert page views into sales.

A business owner should never be embarrassed when asking for help. Tapping into the knowledge of a consultant like Nick Bova can identify areas of weakness and help a business owner get back to what they love most about their company. Mr. Bova’s online profile has an overview of his experience. Be sure to view it at to learn more and arrange a phone consultation.